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Land south east of Kenilworth

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Client: Tripartite Consortium


Proposed Urban Extension

Aspect Landscape Planning Ltd were instructed to prepare a Strategic Landscape Appraisal for the proposed urban extension to the south east of Kenilworth, as part of the need to meet projected residential and employment requirements within the emerging Local Development Framework. The Appraisal involved a detailed analysis of the existing landscape character and visual amenities of the Greenbelt and surrounding townscape in order to ensure there would be no detriment to the Greenbelt proper or visual amenities, and justify the extension to the urban area.

The strategic proposals aim to provide a mixed use development which forms a natural urban extension and integrates with the existing urban grain and townscape. The strategic Landscape Masterplan included open space strategies including formal play spaces as well as designated residential and employment uses.

Planning Issues: Strategic Urban Extension, Greenbelt Location, Land Allocation to meet future housing and employments requirements as part of the emerging LDF, Existing Residential Amenity, Key Vegetation Structure